Free speech is an instrument of power, which is why it should be available to everyone – without fear of violent retribution.

However, should people choose to boycott a newspaper, to criticise it publicly, to call for others to boycott it, pursue them in court for hate speech, etc. that’s fine.

The proper response of a legal system that protects free speech is to allow for debate, and allow for people to offend each other. As individuals, they need to be able to accept that different opinions exist.

There should be no space for groups with narrow and exclusivist opinions to punish others who disagree with them. I am regularly offended by a wide range of narrow minded, homophobic, ethnocentric, racist, stupid, misogynist, etc, etc, statements by people who think that other people dress the wrong way, eat the wrong food, kiss the wrong people, read the wrong books, say the wrong words, etc.

I have to put up with their moral judgements, so they should have to put up with other’s opinions too.