This video gives a short introduction to the Moodle Workshop Module, and how it can be used to set up an anonymous peer review exercise for students.

Students submit a short written piece, and are then randomly allocated submissions from other students which they have to assess following criteria set by the instructor.

I used it to encourage students to engage with a set reading and to relate it to a news item. It also helps student preparation, encourages peer learning and improves self-assessment skills.

Some feedback from students was:

the peer-review ensured that we diligently completed our readings, while also exposing ourselves to interesting perspectives from our fellow classmates.

[the] peer review system leaves no room for doubt whether my work is up to par.

More Resources and Links Mentioned in the Video

NB: One complication is that, for the moment, you cannot trial run it from the lecturer side (i.e. if you choose ‘Student view’, it will block the movement through the necessary stages). My solution to this was to do a trial run with students before they get a ‘live’ exercise. This also helps the students to familiarise themselves with the module. Alternatively, a sample student account can be used.